University Transfer Representative Candidates

Harmanjit Singh

This is my second time running for the position of University Transfer Representative as I am currently on this position and running elections again this year. I want to help students in every genius possible way I can. I want to improve more sports and do more sports events at CNC once covid restrictions are uplifted.

“I can promise to be first one in the student union and last one out.”

CCE Representative Candidates


“Hey, I am Divya from PDHR and I am running for CCE representative this year. I always believe in autonomy and excellence that provides a path to betterment. There are a lot of things that I wanted to do, but the primary focus is to voice out for the right things and getting them delivered.”  


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Women's Representative Candidates

Veronica Chapa Garcia

Hello everyone! My name is Veronica. I’m an international student all the way from Mexico. My hobbies are travelling, designing, and dancing! I would love to run for the CNC Students’ Union Women’s Representative because I’m very passionate about women’s education and women’s rights. I’m a strong advocate for my classmates when I was studying back home. As an active member for CNC’s Women to Women group, I would love to encourage you to vote and consider voting for me. Please let me be your voice. I will listen to your concerns and suggestions as your Women’s Representative. I promise you that I will always go above and beyond for you. Thank you so much for your time!

MehakPreet Kaur

I am running for the Women’s Representative position in elections this year. I find myself an aspiring young woman, so I would like to increase the involvement of women along with their ideas and opinions in college. My main focus is to make sure that no women are left behind. I would listen to student’s problems and try to bring the changes that are needed. 

Indigenous Representative Candidates

Allison Ketlo

“I am a full-time student at CNC, specializing in the Associate of Arts: Aboriginal Studies Program. I was raised in the communities of Nadleh Whut’en and Tl’etinqox-Tin First Nations and have a deep passion for helping others. Being raised by my grandparents, I learned the values of hard work, respect, and dedication from an early age. I would really appreciate your vote and would love to represent you.”

Health Sciences Representative Candidates

Aashna thapar

Hi! I’m running for the Health Sciences representative and I’m going into my second year of nursing this upcoming fall. I would love to be elected for this position so that I am able to support those who are also in health sciences through my dedication, passion, and leadership skills. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and plans to go back in-class in September, I hope to aid all students in their academic journey in every way possible.


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