Hey, I’m Riley Tarry. The Trades, Industry, and Technology representative for the 2023/2024 academic year. This is my first year as a college student and as a representative. I chose to pursue trades in school, as I have been surrounded by them all my life and have a strong passion of working with my hands. I come from an extensive line of trades people, and I would love nothing more than to carry on my family’s legacy.

As the trade’s representative, it’s my duty to help and advocate for the trade’s students here at the college and ensure their voices are heard and their issues addressed. Another focus of mine is hosting many fun events to make student campus life just that much better.

Trades has a history of being neglected, so this has made a divide between them and the Students Union. I’d like to bridge this gap by being active with trades classes and letting them know I exist and I’m here for them. Overall, I look forward to helping you achieve academic success and have fun doing it.