Our role at the College of New Caledonia is to do what we can to make your life at the college easier! You should never be afraid to reach out to YOUR student union for assistance – it’s what we do!

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Students may request reconsideration of final course grades under the CNC’s Grade Appeals policy. Grounds for appeal include prejudicial or capricious grading by the instructor or clerical error. The appeal must be of sufficient substance to warrant a change to the grade if the appeal is successful. CNC can help you when you’re in need.



Kids are dreamers. They love to build towers. They love to take care of their stuffed animals. They love reading. Kids are our future engineers, doctors, and teachers. But skyrocketing tuition fees are making it harder and harder to support their dreams. That hurts all of us. It’s time to invest in our future by investing in post-secondary education.


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The Confluence

The official college magazine of the College of New Caledonia Students’ Union is made for the purpose of informing the student body here at CNC.

Garry Rajput
April 30, 2024
“It’s an organization where somehow each year we end up with a bunch of people driven...
Miles Wolff
April 23, 2024
In spite of everything that divides humanity’s cultures, one consistent through line is the creation story....
Ronnie Petersen
April 23, 2024
“When I Have Fears” is one of John Keats’ lesser known works, but it is impactful...