What are we about?

As a student your experiences at the College of New Caledonia are not independent or isolated from those of the many other students here. Working with other students to improve your CNC education (and society as a whole) by addressing issues that affect us all is more effective than working alone. In the past, student-driven campaigns have proven effective in making changes and increasing awareness on a host of different issues affecting students. Stop by or contact the students’ union office or visit www.cncsu.ca to find out more about the campaigns and lobbying that will be undertaken this year, as well as the various services and social events we have to offer!

As a student at the College of New Caledonia, you are also a member of the College of New Caledonia Students’ Union (Local 4 of the British Columbia Federation of Students), an autonomous, democratic organization made up entirely of students. When you registered for classes and paid your tuition fees to CNC, you also paid membership dues to help finance the operations of your students’ union.

As a member, you are a part of a significant organization that undertakes advocacy and campaigns, and offers social events and services for CNC students. The College of New Caledonia Students’ Union was created to give students a united and independent voice in representing their interests on a variety of decision-making bodies at CNC as well as to the local, regional, provincial, and federal levels of government.

You are also part of a long history of student organizing and activism at the CNCSU. Your students’ union, first established by students in 1978, is fully incorporated as a non-profit society under the Society Act of British Columbia and is recognized by the Ministry of Advanced Education as the students’ union of CNC.

We have successfully expanded full membership services to the Quesnel campus of CNC. We are committed to expanding capacity to all the communities we serve.

Members can access many of the services offered as well as information and resources through the students’ union offices located on the Prince George and Quesnel campus. All members are welcome and encouraged to contact or visit the office and use the various services, even just to say “hi” to your elected representatives and students’ union staff!

Our People

We have a diverse team of staff and representatives with many talents, all here wanting to help.


We have a diverse team of staff and representatives with many talents, all here wanting to help.