What can your student advocate do for you?

  • ┬áListen to concerns and assess their situation.
  • Provide information on college policies and procedures, as well as student rights and responsibilities.
  • Assist students in gathering information about their case.
  • Discuss possible courses of action.
  • Help students prepare for conversations with supervisors, deans, instructors, or administrators, or to prepare for formal hearings.
  • Participate in meetings between students and college officials as a witness and mediator only.
  • Refer students to service departments or external agencies for assistance and/or advice.

Get in contact

  • If you are a student who is looking for help regarding your studies, please reach out to organizer@cncsu.ca to start this advocacy process.
  • Please note: There are limitations to what we can do regarding advocacy. Please understand that we may not be able to take on certain cases depending on the situation.