Written by: Mehakpreet Kaur

Love is a definitive prize throughout everyday life, the gift that I am generally appreciative of. The description of love is found in every smile, each beating heart, and the sweet taste of each and every kiss. Love is an emotional feeling somewhere inside the human spirit. 

Love is the basis of everyday life, and it enables us to feel so warmly for each other. I would surrender pretty much everything in my life for love, in light of the fact that I would never be more appreciative for whatever else. 

Love is found on the front line of two passion-driven hearts. I’m grateful for each chill and each goosebump I get, essentially from the possibility of being infatuated. 

Love is unique in relation to whatever else, on the grounds that not at all like the impasse ways of different feelings, love is until the end of time. I won’t ever quit being grateful for adoration, since I realize that genuine affection will retain anything and it won’t ever vanish. 

Every day that passes carries me to a closer understanding of love. Love gives two hearts the capacity to become together as one. With affection, I am equipped for arising every morning. Dramatization-filled lives and vicious violations put me in dread of the unlived life. The affection I need to anticipate wipes away those apprehensions, causing me to feel so appreciative. Love is a significant part of life and it offers importance to all that we feel inside. Life would not be conceivable without the endowment of affection, since like blood, love goes through our veins and keeps our hearts thumping, with the excitement of what tomorrow will hold.