CNCSU Website Launch Banner

Damon Robinson, Editor-in-Chief

The College of New Caledonia Students’ Union (CNCSU) is proud to announce that our revamped website is now up and running. We truly believe that the website will be a valuable resource to all of our current and future students.

“We want to make our services more accessible for students at CNC,” said Amy Barry, Organizer of the CNCSU.

Navjot “Navi” Singh Brar, Business and Technology Representative was excited at the prospect of students having access to our services. “Make new clubs, make new friends” said Navi.

General services have already been activated on the website and students who wish to sign up for volunteering can do so as of August 29th, 2019. The ability to sign up for clubs will occur after September 17th, 2019 with the end of Club Sign-Up day and the clubs list being officialized.


If you have any suggestions for how the website can improve, please contact