FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 3rd, 2023

PRINCE GEORGE, – The College of New Caledonia Students’ Union (CNCSU) extends its appreciation to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services for the thorough engagement with British Columbians during the Budget 2024 consultation, which shed light on critical student issues. We commend Committee Chair Mike Starchuk, Deputy Chair Tom Shypitka, and all members for their dedication to understanding the challenges faced by post-secondary students across the province.

Tuition fee increases continue to be a major obstacle for many students pursuing higher education. The rising cost of education often leads to financial burdens, making access to quality education more challenging. Post-secondary funding is a critical aspect of ensuring that institutions can deliver quality education and support services to students.

“It is scary that International students have to live with the constant fear of unpredictable tuition fee increases which can lead to more and more stress in planning their day to day lives.” says Guntas Kanda, Organizer for the CNCSU. “Capping tuition fee increases can provide some certainty and stability in students’ lives. We appreciate the Government for hearing out Jasvir Singh, our Federation Representative, when he presented his report on the current situation and some recommendations.”

Other critical issues for students were addressed in the release as well. Housing remains a pressing concern for students, particularly as they seek affordable and safe accommodation close to their campuses. Mental health has emerged as a top priority for students, especially given the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Committee’s recognition of this issue emphasizes the importance of supporting students’ mental well-being.

The CNCSU is committed to continuing its advocacy for students’ rights and well-being. We will work diligently to ensure that student issues remain at the forefront of policy discussions and that the government takes meaningful action to support the current and future generations of learners.

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