Day Six

Gurwinder Kaur is an HR student at the College of New Caledonia. Gurwinder is known for her selfless volunteering and commitment to making events at the college successful. 


Raegan: Hi Gurwinder, could you tell me your story of coming to CNC?

Gurwinder: So, I got a post-grad in India for Masters in Commerce, then I decided to continue my education in India. A friend recommended CNC to me, and it matched the field I wanted to go into. I am now in my second year at CNC, I’ll be done in the year 2020, I am excited for convocation.

Raegan: What program are you in?

Gurwinder: I am in post-diploma human resources. As an immigrant, this program has helped me learn a lot about employment laws and how to take care of workplace issues.

Raegan: That is important.

Gurwinder: Yeah.

Raegan: So, what do you like about CNC?

Gurwinder: Everything! I had helpful instructors who made my first semester comfortable. I met with Miley and became a volunteer in the International Department. I also am the Administrator Secretary of the CNC HR Club.

Raegan: Wow! Good for you. And what do you like about Prince George?

Gurwinder: I love Prince George. The people are disciplined and patient. I also have good coworkers who comfort me when I am missing my family. PG also has a really good environment, I like the smaller city, it is peaceful and I learn new things every day.

Raegan: If you had to leave one message with the students, what would it be?

Gurwinder: Do your best, do hardwork, and be kind to everyone. You don’t know what’s going on in other people’s lives.

Damon: Finally, what’s your favourite colour?

Gurwinder: *laughs* Purple.