Harry Sahota is a Business Management student who has recently become the newest Production Editor of the Confluence.

Damon: So introduce yourself!

Harry: My name is Harry, and I came from India in 2017. I am currently enrolled in the Business Management Diploma Program. So, now I’m here and I’m enjoying my own studies, while owning my own business.

Damon: You have your own business?

Harry: Yes, it goes by the name Harry Sahota Cinematography and we do photography, videography and DJ. 

Damon: Wow, okay. That’s impressive for someone who is new to a country, let alone someone who is as young. You said you came to college a few years ago, what was the reason? What drove you to move?

Harry: Well when I was finishing grade 12, my father asked me if I wanted to study in India or abroad. I was shocked, at that point I never considered studying anywhere other than home. I was overwhelmed and shocked at the idea, how could my father suggest I move away? After a few more conversations, we came to the consensus that studying away from home would be good for me, so I moved here. The college gave me a chance to study and grow as a person, so i came.

Damon: So you’re a cinematographer, can you tell me more about that?

Harry: At the end of the day, I consider myself a director. When I started my business I had the goal of being a cinematographer. But when I was building up my interest in cinema, I found myself shifting my interests into specifically directing. I found myself deeply involved in the tasks that a director does, and I am still honing my talents in that field. Recently I shot a video of a student at the college for their project, and I found a lot of satisfaction from the collaboration and the directing aspect.

Damon: Has there been a standout experience during your time here, with you doing all of this work?

Harry: What I was thinking, was that I saw a picture highlighting the differences between a boss and a leader. The leader was working with his coworkers, as opposed to the boss. I believe that the best work comes from a leader working collaboratively with his or her coworkers. 

Damon: Yeah, I definitely can vouch for you in that aspect. My first experience seeing you in action was during our Diwali event. Could you talk about that?

Harry: Oh man, of course. It was a really good experience, and the most rewarding one as well. It was my first big event where I worked with people, as well as worked for people. It was my first contract, and I was super excited about that opportunity. 

Damon: You had a pretty elaborate setup too, with drones, cranes, and multiple people. Where do you go from there? What is next for you?

Harry: My life’s goal is to be a director, and be recognised as one. I will continue to scratch and claw to my goal, and to ‘wow’ people in that process. I urge people who are creative to go out and complete your goals. My advice is to not worry about what people think, and create what you want to create.