Day Three

Kyndra Farrell is a 2nd year Business Management Student and a current member of the CNC Board of Directors. Kyndra has been a great advocate for improving student life on campus and we are very excited to see where she goes from here.


Kyndra: My name is Kyndra Farrell, I’m in my second year of Business Management. I’m from Fraser Lake – Born and raised! Population: 900.

Raegan: Wow.

Kyndra: Yeah, very small town. I guess after I graduated I took a year off, and during that time I worked at a sawmill. I hated it, it was repetitious and something I didn’t want to do. During my year off, I was living in Fraser Lake still, there were a ton of forest fires. I got evacuated for two weeks, and the flames were only 2 kilometres from my house. I felt really, well, useless. I felt like I couldn’t contribute enough and that was a big reason for me to come back to school and enrol in the Business Management program so I could build my own water-tender company.

Raegan: That’s so cool!

Kyndra: That was my whole plan, getting into college. I think things have changed a bit since I got here though. I made so many connections here with the people and instructors here at the college, that I’m considering getting my masters in business, probably majoring in economics. I wouldn’t mind coming back here and working at the college! Since I been here, I worked on the incorporation of the athletics programs and pushed for the $50,000 student life fund that we got from the college.

Damon: That’s a lot of work, where did you go from there?

Kyndra: From there, I began having a close working relationship with the Students’ Union and actually ran for the Business and Technology representative position and I came second. Navi is a very tough competitor. I also became very involved with clubs at the college, and after all that I decided to run for the Board of Governors! I was sworn in on November 17th.

Damon: Are there any standout moments during your time at the college? Because you have done a lot since you got here.

Kyndra: I think my favourite thing was actually running for student elections. I was able to go and interact with so many people that I wouldn’t have initially. I guess coming second in the election was at least the second-best outcome for me. Either way, it kept me very tied to the Students’ Union.

Damon: How was the transition into the Board of Governors?

Kyndra: It was incredibly interesting for me to see what I guess is the backbone of the college. Meeting all these people who make some very big decisions at the college was very eye-opening for me. I am hopeful for it though because I want to put student voices out there and have our issues be heard at the highest level. I have already heard some recommendations from people. ‘Do this, this is wrong, do that.’ I hope I do a good job. It’s a big responsibility but I think it will be a fun experience.

Damon: Any plans moving forward?

Kyndra: Yeah, I hope to continue the work that I’m doing and run for elections next year. If there is a Women’s Representative or a University Transfer Representative I think I could fit those roles. I’m also planning on doing a study abroad this summer in Scotland for a month!

Damon: Is there any advice you would give to students who are reading this?

Kyndra: I would say get involved. There are so many possibilities and you can’t knock it until you try it. I know there is a very active base of international students, but for domestic students, it can be very hard to get them to go out and do things. I think it’s important to be a part of the college and experience all the positives of being in college. Get out and try things!