Day One

Hailing from Tarn Taran, Punjab, India it was Manpreet’s dream to come to Prince George and the College of New Caledonia. At CNC, Manpreet is enrolled in the Post-Diploma in Human Resources and is in her first semester.

Damon – “So when did you make the decision to move to Prince George?”

Manpreet – “It was difficult. As English is not my first language, I had to take a lot of time to make sure that my English was effective. This was alongside financial issues that I had to go through. Throughout this journey I have learned a lot, from life, this college and my friends. Especially my friends. They support me, encourage me and are there for me. We are a support system for each other, and I’m very lucky I found my friends in CNC. I love CNC due to my friends, actually.

Damon – So you are taking your post diploma, I’m assuming you went to school before?

Manpreet – Yes, so I actually have my Bachelors of Commerce from the BBK DAV College for Women, in Amritsar. That college also taught me many things in my life. My experiences makes me want to do better things for myself and the College here

Damon – What are your plans after you are done school? Where do you go from here?

Manpreet – I really want to achieve a position here in Canada. Voluntary work as well, which I can’t do because I’m in school.

Damon – What’s something that stands out for you about Canada?

Manpreet – There is a freedom, in Canada. We can express our feelings, do whatever we want to do and I like the rules and regulations here. Canada follows strict rules, especially the one where people can’t cross during red lights. I like that one.