Day Seven

Kiana Fergusson is a person known for her volunteer work and socialness. Kiana is an executive member of the CNC Board Game Club and the ABT Club. 

Kiana: Hi, I am Kiana Fergusson. I am in the Applied Business and Technology Program. Also, I am a Web and Graphic Design graduate. I love school, so I was like, Hey, let’s take this Applied Business and Technology program.

Damon: You’ve come a long way since you started. Some of that time, I was actually there with you! But can you tell me anything more about your start at college?

Kiana: Oh, my Lord! My first start would be from living in Dorms. I belong to Fort St. James, a tiny community where everyone knows everyone and then moving here in Prince George, which is a relatively more significant town. All of a sudden, I was like, Ahhh! I don’t know anybody from this city. Staying at a dorm has changed me a lot. I have started making a lot of connections at residence, security, college, which feels a lot good. I feel like I am going from a small city to a big city now.

Damon: Coming from a small town is a huge step!

Kiana: Sure, it is. I took time off from high school to think about what I should do as I am really passionate about my career. So that’s how I got into the Web and Graphics design program at first, and I graduated!

Damon: So you complete Web and Graphic Design, where did you go from there? I remember you talking about being an illustrator

Kiana: Well, that plan changed! My first goal was to get a job somewhere in town outside of school. But it changed. Then I wanted to work for the college as Admin Assistant or Graphic designer or whatever position is open. I feel there are no rigid plans, things changes at times.

Damon: You know, it’s such a familiar story: I finished school, where do I go from here? How did you handle that?

Kiana: Just got to go with it. I think if you stop, cool down and think about it, you can go from there. I think if you put things in perspective and take a moment, you can figure it all out. My reasons for coming back are also tied to the fact that I just love being here at the college.

Damon: You have come a long way, you know. I was really excited to hear that you have enrolled in the ABT program! How has that been? Any struggles?

Kiana: Ahh .. I would start with the fact that I’m terrible at English, but you know I kept on practicing. I didn’t do much in high school but grateful that I took that with this program. In the case of typing, I am more on the accuracy part than speed, but that’s okay. But grade-wise, I am pretty good.

Damon: What has been the most significant thing you had to overcome?

Kiana: Oooh… Definitely, my social anxiety, which I have had to overcome.

Damon: I can imagine that it is a complicated process. It’s tough to give you that label, though, with how many friends you have at the college now. You’re one of the popular girls!

Kiana: (Laughs) I definitely wouldn’t say that. It definitely progressed. At one point, I had to sweep it under the carpet and just say, “Hello, social life!”. Back then, I guess you can say that I struggled a lot with it. I could have been called shy, timid. It definitely didn’t help that I came from a small town and went to a bigger city. When I first came over, it was always a question similar to: “Where am I? Who can I trust?” You only grow past that over time.

Damon: Is there anything that you want to say to anyone reading this? What’s something that people can take from your story?

Kiana: Don’t hesitate to communicate with people. Say hello, get to know them. Slowly but surely, your connections will begin to grow and grow. You will be fine.