No!! Is this sound harsh and less polite? Well, no, is this your choice how you are putting it. Sometimes it’s a necessity to say no to a couple of things for good. It’s okay to say no if it makes you uncomfortable, if saying yes is going to torture your mental status or if you had a bad day. You are not looking for anything except your own company.

Affirmation is powerful, but you know what is more powerful; saying no to it and realize that few things are worth saying no to. We all grew in a society where saying yes is a tradition and stating a clear no is a sign of belittling someone. It’s important to understand that Yes and No both are our states of mind.

We surely do not need to hear what others are saying if it does not add any peace or happiness to our lives. Sometimes living with a no and accepting the reality is far better than ignoring it and living in an illusion that is not worth even imagining.

Yes, it is difficult, but No, it is not that we can’t do. It’s an art of knowing the circumstances and pick the word that suits the best to say. Remember that if it leaves a negative imprint on you, then don’t hesitate to choose the word we don’t often use.

Here’s one from me: No!! I don’t like ice cream; actually, I hate it.