Hello! This is Jasvir Singh, I am the Business and Management Representative at CNC Students’ Union.

It’s my 2nd term serving as an elected student representative. I am also representing CNC students at the British Columbia Federation of Students (BCFS). In my earlier term, I also served as a chairperson.

I am an international student who migrated to Canada in 2021 currently in 2nd year of my diploma. Most of the time you might have seen me roaming around campus and asking for volunteers, promoting Students’ Union events, or doing tabling in the gathering area. I joined the students’ Union to advocate for student rights I wanted to be the voice that ensures that every student is heard that’s why I love to talk to new students and ask them if there are any issues with which I can assist them. With great excitement and a deep commitment to our collective interests, I am here to listen, engage, and work tirelessly to make our student experience exceptional. So, even if you are facing any issues on campus, please feel free to reach out to anyone at the Students’ Union office. Or just stop by to say hello.

Okay! Besides the Students’ Union, I love reading books and going outdoors or traveling. So, if you have like any book which you think is interesting just stop by our office and tell me about that book. Please feel free to reach out to me with your thoughts, concerns, or ideas. I am eager to connect with every one of you and create positive change

You can reach out to me at business@cncsu.ca or the at Students’ Union office. (1-303)

Let’s embark on this journey together and make our time at CNC unforgettable!