How you can stop having the second thought? How can you stop the mind that’s been on auto-play for the past couple of years? Well, there is no answer to it to and there will be nothing that can pacify your thoughts. The love of thy self should uphold the first place, no matter how quickly it sent us to a guilt trip of not knowing the other part. Life is so easy; it is either black or white, there is no grey zone and if you feel you are hanging onto it, just pick up your pieces and leave right away. I must say that the understanding of what is not right is something a few people are blessed with because if you don’t feel right about certain things, then it means it is surely not. The only thing we can do is to observe, rationalize, detach and, the final one, leave the table of toxicity. The new you is waiting in the corner, stop sobbing and go and ask the new you to have a wonderful romantic date with you and feel loved all over again or maybe from the scratch. This is how the idea of loving yourself is working out these days.