The light turns red

The corners of your smile twitch,

As you struggle to say

“God, I miss the summers,

And why is it

That the skies are cloudy and gray?”

To which I, with a cheeky smile

Turn around and say,

“You had your fun, for alas,

The winter is on its way”


Your eyes drop, the color in your cheeks

Vanishes, like the warmth in the air

“Why can’t it be summer all year long?

Winters suck, this is not fair.

The beaches, once alive and bright

will be miserable soon enough, and

the worst part? There is no fine line,

1Between the day and the night.

I open my eyes, and what I know

Is different from what’s in my sight,

for when I commence my day it’s dark

and halfway through it all, we lose all light.


Crazy, right?

You can’t skinny dip no more

Unless pneumonia and hypothermia are your kinks

Don’t you tell me that I should brave it

And surrend

to those god-scary skating rinks

I’d rather get smacked in the face

With a snowball out of proportion

How am I supposed to get a tan

Who am I supposed to ask

To cover my back with that scented lotion?

Such a waste of this beach-perfect body

Such a disgrace to these curated curves

All of this is going to hell

When I start stress-eating

merely to calm my nerves.


And my skin will be flaky

Touch this, it’s already so dry”

To which I say, “Lady, I ain’t touching your skin

I have anxiety, I’m way too shy”

And you go, “Fair enough, but you get it, no?

When the snow arrives, my lips will crack

This pretty face will lose the mocha glow.

I hope you feel my pain, my helplessness, my grief

I hope you don’t think I’m crazy,

I hope you don’t dismiss my woe”


And I go “You’ve been complaining for quite a while.

I even took the time

To make this piece rhyme

But you’ve been going on and on

This is too much for me to bear

And guess what?

Winter’s retreating

And the summer is almost here.”