“To and From”
Written by: Divya Lalan

Things would never have been easy, and the same goes with life as well, but the only thing that keeps us sane is the kindness we own, the respect we give, and the love we spread. We often come across the road where the sane is just merely a word and the herculean part is to make ourselves feel alive. The balance is always difficult and we can’t expect the same when we are the one who is struggling with it. In some or the other way, we need help from others to let us know where we are heading? Or Is this our happy place? Ironically, the concept of happiness is buried somewhere on the island of “Laugh” and we often consider this island as the happiest place, which ain’t the one we are looking for. The vicious circle of thoughts craves for existence and sometimes fails to bring peace to the table. Well, it’s completely valid to say that we are all engaged in the disengaged aspects of our life and every step is just like a walk on a curvy mountain, but hopefully, sooner or later, we all start realizing the importance of being our true self and not fall for the illusion of existence in which we often live, this time let’s not fall in the trap of idea of life and for once let’s rejoicing it.