Anyone who is a student at CNC is our member. We have 10 elected student positions on the board, representing students from different programs and demographics to ensure that everyone on campus is being represented. We have been serving our students since 1978. Our goal is to make the campus a safe space for everyone, and we want to ensure that each and every one of you is heard; we are the student voice on campus.

The Students’ Union offers services such as a food bank, lockers, U-Pass, health and dental care. We also organize events on campus to make campus life more enjoyable and engaging. So, if you want us to organize any new events, just give us new ideas, and we will work on that. If anyone is interested in joining clubs, we have many active clubs on campus, and you can also start your own club; just stop by the office for more details. We have various campaigns to make education affordable and accessible for everyone. We actively lobby and advocate at different levels of government to address student concerns. If you would like to be part of the Students’ Union, you can volunteer with us at events, pizza days, or tabling. Additionally, don’t forget that the Students’ Union will provide you with a personalized reference letter after 10 hours of volunteering.

If you are facing any problems on campus, whether academic or non-academic, such as not being treated well or having concerns with your instructor or grades, we also offer advocacy for you. Don’t forget to stop by the office and say hello!